Why Is It Necessary To Analyze Audience Profile When Working On Research?

Analyze Audience Profile
The peril of free speech lies in the fact that we often talk or write about things for the sake of writing. We usually overlook the question of who our audience is. It is important to analyze audience profile when we work on research. We do not consider the question of what does my audience care about or what we are writing about. Understanding the relevance of your research by analyzing your audience beforehand is important. Researchers must be mindful that their research has any relevance to the lives of people. We need to create a relationship with our readers. This way, we receive a proper audience who will read our work.

The success of your research depends in large part on how your audience perceives it. So, it is mandatory to analyze the audience profile before conducting the research. This article aims to discuss about the necessity of analyzing the audience profile. Let us discuss in detail the importance of audience analysis and its specifics.

Types of Audience Analysis:

There are several types of audience analysis. Let’s discuss them:

Demographic Analysis:

This type of analysis takes place when we consider demographic factors. We can consider factors like age and gender. Apart from this, there are several other factors like ethnicity, education and profession. So, based on these factors, we analyse them for our research work.

Psychographic Analysis:

It is another type that will help you to analyze audience profile. We can conduct this analysis based on attitudes, beliefs and values. Your audience will read your research and respect you if your research is based on these aspects.

Why Conduct an Audience Analysis?

Audience analysis is necessary to compose persuasive and engaging research papers. It is important to gather as much information as possible about the relevant readers. The audience comprises of people who have different needs and expectations. The researcher needs to analyze audience profile. This way, he decides what information should be included. It helps the researcher to identify supporting details. These details are pertinent to ensure that the reader understands the research. It has potential implications for the tone and structure of the research paper.

Who Is Your Targeted Audience?

An audience analysis requires formulating a research question. A researcher must ask himself who is the intended audience for his research paper. You can take the following steps to answer this question:
  • Demography is important in audience analysis. A researcher must be aware of the particular segment of society. It will help him to conduct his research.
  • Identify which age group, gender and ethnicity you want to read your research

Questions to Consider About Your Audience:

Here are a few questions we should answer before audience analysis:
  • Are you addressing more than one segment of the audience?
  • What does your audience need to know?
  • What is the most important thing in your writing which the audience can learn?
  • Why should your audience care about your writing? What is its relevance?
  • Can you make your writing appealing to your audience?
  • What impression do you want to convey to your audience? What will be its impact?

Why Knowing Your Audience is Important?

Academic papers are written for specialized purposes across various subject categories. So, a researcher needs to analyze audience profile. For example, he conducts research on the liver and publishes it in the journal of Hepatology. He/she will likely receive a wider readership. If the paper gets published in any general science magazine, then the readership will be less.

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Make it Relevant:

A Researcher follows different criteria to complete university assignments. But, he follows different instructions for the research to target a group of people. Your research must be understandable to a non-specialist as well. Assuming that your reader is less knowledgeable helps you to include important information. Such information includes defining the key terminologies at the start of the paper. Explanations of various concepts in detail make your research paper easy to read. This way, it will make sense to an average reader as well.


You need to analyze audience profile as it helps you in research. We usually overlook the importance of audience profile. But it helps the researcher to create a relationship with the readers. This article discussed why audience analysis is important. It also discussed different types of analysis and several ways that can help researchers to know who their audience is.

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